Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bright Florals


Floral Top // Denim (favorite) // Heels // Crossbody Bag // Bracelet // Sunglasses // Rings // Lipcolor: Rose Intime

I picked up this shirt at Forever 21 and walked around with it in my arms for the rest of my shopping trip, during that time...get this...THREE people (including the check out lady) asked where I found the shirt. I guess everyone loved it as much as I do! The floral is such a pretty contrast against the black. This lipstick is also my one of my favorites because it smells so AMAZING. For all of you who are not the biggest fan of lipstick or are just searching for a good summer color/gloss/stick this is definitely one you should try! It is really light and feels amazing on your lips, not as heavy as some normal lipsticks!


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