Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cozy Cowl Neck

Sweater (on sale) // Denim (similar) // Handbag // Necklace // Lipcolor: Le Rouge // Booties (similar)

Ahhh...These pictures make me so happy for a couple of reasons. This sweater is so incredibly comfy and cozy that I could live in it...and also because of the color of those trees in the background. Fall is definitely a favorite time of the year for me. I love the crisp air, the apple cider and the beautiful trees. I spent a long weekend in DC and we took a little day trip to Annapolis Maryland on Saturday. The drive was absolutely breathtaking. Every fall color you could imagine was found on the trees.  It is always hard to leave Dave at the end of our weekends together...but some days it's harder than others. We were cooking dinner together sunday night and watching The Proposal on TV. It was just such a simple and normal night, we were so comfortable and so happy...then it was 7:30 and I had to leave to get on a plane back to Wisconsin. We both cannot wait for all aspects of life together...but especially those nights where you just want to make dinner and  a movie and not have to fly across the county.

Someday...and until then we will have the best time exploring a new city and making the most of our time together!


Friday, October 23, 2015

Weekend Wishlist

Scarves: one // two // three // four
Sweaters: one // two // three
Coats: one // two ( more prices ranges below!)

Shop More Coats here;

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sweater Poncho

Sweater // Top // Denim // Booties (so similar) // Bag (similar) // Lipcolor: Matte Plum

Note to self. Taking pictures by the lake, however beautiful is VERY windy. One of my favorite places in Milwaukee is along the lakefront. The water is so beautiful! If I could choose to live anywhere in the world it would be by some body of water, it is so peaceful and calming. 

This sweater is so so so cozy! I added pops of burgundy because I crave color in every single outfit I wear. Red is my favorite choice of a color pop or fall/holiday season.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fall Neutrals

Hat // Top // Pants // Booties (similar) // Watch // Crossbody (similar) // Lipstick: Craving // Sunglasses

My hat almost blends right in with the leaves on the trees!! I love this pop of yellow with an otherwise neutral outfit. This top for 9.99 is a favorite staple of mine. Perfect for running weekend errands!


Monday, October 19, 2015

Classic Look

Blouse // Skirt // Bag (40% off code FAST) // Heels // Lipstick: Ruby Woo // Sunglasses

Classic black white and red looks will never go out of style. I fell in love with this classic white skirt the second I saw it. I think it looks like such an expensive piece, the fabric is so nice and it is only $25!! This just proves that you can have amazing, timeless pieces without breaking the bank.
This Black Pussy Bow top is one versatile piece that I think everyone should have in their closet. It is perfect for work, for a party or going out paired with your favorite mini skirt. You see this top everywhere; Chanel has it, Dolce has it....I found a super cute one for under $100 but I have also seen this top at Target!


Friday, October 16, 2015

Weekend Wishlist

Sweater // Peplum Top // Fur Vest (amazing..NEED) // Romper // Tassel Bag // OTK Boots // Eyeshadow

I have been traveling nonstop since the last weekend in August, I am so excited to have a relaxing weekend at home with absolutely NO travel or timeline!! I have a never ending list of things to do however, including unpacking suitcases from the last several weekends,  starting 10 (not kidding) loads of laundry, organize my room, creating my halloween costume (follow along on snapchat; cait christy) and cleaning our apartment!! I plan to kick of the weekend doing absolutely none of those things...instead I have bought a face mask, this nail color and plan to watch (and quote) every line of Pride and Prejudice (My absolute favorite movie).
 This is a list of some things I have been craving lately! I purchased this floral romper last night and cannot wait to wear it with black boots and tights! It is so on board with Dolce & Gabanas collection right now except this one is only $25. Holla! I have also been on the look out for a new fall-esqe eye shadow pallet. My bestie Lauren just got a cute eyeshadow pallet from MAC and I was super impressed with the pigment these shadows have. I think this pallet looks perfect for this season!
I have also been seeing this sheer lacy look like this peplum top everywhere. I think it would be so perfect for date night with a black cami underneath, deep lipstick and some killer statement earrings like these.

XOXO, Cait

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall Trend: Poncho

Poncho // Denim // Boots // Watch // Necklace: Mainstream Boutique // Lipstick: Craving

Ponchos are a trend that I have been seeing EVERYWHERE! I mean who wouldn't want to crawl into something that is essentially a stylish blanket? This poncho is so comfy & cozy! I love the fringe at the bottom! It's only $30 which feels reallll good to me. 

XOXO, Cait

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall Floral

 Beanie // Sunglasses // Necklace // Top // Pants // Handbag (similar, I swoon over this one) // Watch // Lipstick: Craving // Booties

On of my favorite parts of fall are all of the accessories; scarves, hats, boots, socks, tights...you name it I love it. Hats are my personal favorite because they really complete an outfit. I am obsessed with this floral beanie. It is the perfect causal hat to wear out running errands on the weekends. It also matches perfectly with one of my favorite fall lip colors; craving!


Thursday, October 8, 2015

70's, suede, and scallops

I am loving the 70's trend. It reminds me of pouring over pictures of my mom during her college days. She had the most beautiful long red hair and just pulled over the 70's look so well. I was channeling my college aged fashionista mother when I put this outfit together. I love love love the scallop trim on this skirt, however...beware it does run short. Also be aware I am almost 5'8 so most things are short on me! This blouse is the perfect way to incorporate the 70's trend into your wardrobe, it is feminine with the bow and the colors are perfect for fall! This outfit will be so easy to wear with tights and boots as the temperatures keep dropping!


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fall Lookbook

The warmer weather has been keeping me from fully embracing my full wardrobe. This weekend we will still have temperatures into the 80's! Where is October? I love the warmth but I am also anxious to wear all my new fall goodies. I have actually already purchased several things in this lookbook! I own a pair of moto black denim pants and absolutely love them, mine are from zara but I found this pair on sale for under $10!! I have also been super inspired by a pop of color in a red handbag. This one is a major save and looks like a mini Celine! I also just bought this navy blue biker jacket that I cannot wait to wear with my new floral beanie! A sweater coat is also a fall essential that I could not live without, this particular one is a great deal and will be so cozy going into winter as well! I love love love all of these pieces and hope you are all feeling inspired by these pieces....Did you see that those booties are at Target right now??? Obsessed!


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Essential Fall Items

Top // Scarf // Denim //  Booties (similar) // Tote // Sunglasses (similar except I NEED these) // 

There are a couple of fall staples that I could not live without. One being the infamous blanket scarf. I've linked up a ton at the bottom of this post for you to shop! I love this paticular blanket scarf because it's colors are so classic. This top is another staple that everyon should have in their fall wardrobe. Its a longer top so with jeans I tuck it slightly in the front, but this can also be worn long with a fur vest or a cozy sweater. It comes in several colors and is a top you will reach for on a regular basis. Olive is a huge color for fall so I personally love this color but the others are worth checking out as well! These super skinny jeans have been a favorite of mine for get this...6 years. They are so comfy, but the fit of them also makes them perfect for wearing with heels for a night out. It is so crucial to have jeans that are not baggy by your ankles if you are going to wear a heel! My sister used to work for Levi in San Francisco, from what she tells me it was an amazing company to work for. She got me these jeans when she worked there and they are still my favorite today, they have not faded throughout contant wear which is something I cannot even say about $200 jeans I own. Whatever you are doing Levi's...keep doing it.


Shop more blanket scarves here;

Friday, October 2, 2015

Short Hair Style Tips

Favorite Brush // Powder (for volume) // Hairspray //  Dry Shampoo // Texture Spray (for texture, duh) // Teasing Comb (added volume) // Curling Iron (1 inch)

So...super recently I decided to chop a huge chunk of my hair off. It was liberting, my hair has never felt so healthy! It also takes a hot second to style it in the morning which makes me crazy happy. I wanted to share the products that help me make my effortless waves & prolong the hair style for up to three days. Yes...as in I do not wash my hair for three days. It is actually not good to wash your hair everyday, it can strip your hair of its essentail oils and make your hair more dry. I swear by dry shampoo over here!


1. Not pictured...but I start by spraying my entire head with Big Sexy Hair spray. Just a light mis and then I use my +WetBrushCO brush to get rid of any tangles...you will be messing up your hair at the end of this styling so make sure all tangles are out now. I find this step helps to hold the waves a little better for me. If your hair struggles with holding a curl try this tip!

2. no shower...no problem. Just kidding...I even put this in my clear hair for a little more volume. I spray this dry shampoo into my roots and I keep the bottle about 6 inches from my hair. I work this in with my fingers to get rid of any white residue. 

3.. Next I tease the back of my hair to give it some volume...this teasing comb is my favorite

4. I take random sections of my hair and wrap them around this curling iron or a wand...I don't see too big of difference in my curls so it is really just whatever iron I pick up that day. I wrap about a one inch section of hair around the barrel leaving out the bottom inch or so of hair. This is the part that gives you more of that beachy wave look. It also keeps your ends from the heat which is great for you girlies like me who are prone to damaged hair!

5. Next I sprinkle this Big Sexy Hair powder onto my like crazy. I work this into the roots pushing up against them to create more volume. 

 6. The last step is my favorite. I am crazy about this texture spary...be wary however, a little goes a long way. I spray this all over my head and then mess up all of the curls that I just made to get a messy beachy look. 

This hairstyle is super easy, and looks good on everybody. Tell me what you think of these products after you try!