Monday, March 25, 2019

Affordable Teeth Whitening.

As a new mom it has been really hard to find time to do anything for myself. My entire life now revolves around sweet little Lila...and I wouldn't have it any other way!! However...there are certain things I now miss. I miss getting my nails done whenever I felt like it, scheduling a hair cut with no regard for anyone else schedule, running to the gym on my own get the gist, personal care now comes at a premium! :)
When a company called Smile Brilliant reached out to me about partnering with them on their at home teeth whitening I was instantly intrigued. This would be such a great way to do something for myself & on my own schedule!

I had researched teeth whitening for quite some time now. It was an investment I was going to make before my wedding, however when push came to shove I couldn't justify the extra expense on top of everything else. If I had known about Smile Brilliant then I would have purchased in an instant....for $200 you get everything you need to upgrade your smile. The process is so easy!!! I cannot stress the easy factor enough, which was so important to me as a new mom still figuring out life with an infant! Smile Brilliant became part of my new nighttime routine, I would apply before bed and then read or watch TV with Dave for 45 minutes-1 hour while I whitened!!

To get started with the process you first you answer a series of questions regarding your dental history...then a couple days later your smile brilliant package your front door!! 
This is what us moms dream of! :)
Inside the kit there are the supplies to make your custom teeth molds, this is super easy and actually kind of fun!! My husband wanted to play with the leftover molding clay....boys! 
Once you are done with that step you package them back up in the prepaid envelope, and send them back in. The next package to arrive was my own custom molds that I would begin to use for the whitening process. I whitened every night after Lila went to bed and saw results almost instantly. Seriously crazy fast. 

I would totally recommend this product to anyone who is thinking about teeth whitening.... the entire process is so seamless and makes teeth whitening the ultimate convenience for you!
Everything in life should be this easy.

LUCKY FOR YOU... you can enter to win your own Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit!!
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Tooth Whitening Gel

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Lila Rose 7 Months!

My baby girl is 7 months!!! 

I don't know why but I started getting super sentimental and sad that she was turning 7 months yesterday. The first half of the first year of her life is already over!! The time is going too fast and she is growing like absolute crazy
She is obsessed with the song '' happy and you know' and starts clapping wildly before you can even get the first verse out. Screams for food...this baby has her daddies appetite! Still not sleeping through the night...up once at 4am! GIRL COME ON! :) Loves to dance, take tubbies and hang with mama. 

Everyday with this baby is a dream.


Friday, March 8, 2019

St. Patricks Day Tops

Sweater // Jeans // Mules (already sold out!! similar here & here)

Do any of you have St. Patricks Day plans?? I have linked SO many of my favorite green items that are PERFECT for the day!! Some of these tops have the greatest sayings on them. haha! I also linked some rainbow items because rainbow is such a huge trend right now and its perfect for the day...hopefully wearing it brings you to a pot of gold. :) Scroll down to see my picks and follow me next weekend to see what I picked to wear!

Its always one of my favorite days because my family is super Irish and growing up we would always have a big meal and celebrate together. Now that we live in Chicago we have a new tradition of walking down to see the River dyed Green! They dye the Chicago River green the Saturday around St. Patricks day and it is honestly the coolest thing to see. If you live close to Chicago and have never seen it I definitely recommend making the trip and getting there early...the crowds are crazy!! This will be Lilas first time seeing it and although she definitely is not going to grasp what is going will be so fun to make the memories with her. 
Here is a picture from last year....SO GREEN RIGHT? 

Friday, March 1, 2019

Spring Stripes!

Sweater // Pants // Leopard Hair Scarf  // Mules (similar) love THESE!  // Handbag: Zara (similar here

I absolutely love comfy pull on pants, I love that they come in a variety of prints, patterns or even just solids and are such a fun way to mix up your typical wardrobe. I can't find the yellow version of this sweater online yet but the light pink is SO cute!! 

If you are going to buy one new type of accessory for spring I think you should definitely make it a hair scarf! I am seeing them everywhere in so many fun prints and patterns. I am a loyal leopard print kind of gal but there are so many other great options too!! 


Spring Styles!

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