Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Rose scented Candle // Wine Sweatshirt // Rose Sweatshirt // //  Fur Blanket // Earrings (ONLY 12.99!)  // Bracelet // Prosecco Bubble Bath // Bow Top //  Roses (these last ONE YEAR!) // Lip Kit 

I love the month of February for so many reasons. I love Valentines day and the celebration of love. Love in all forms...I buy a card for almost everyone I know and could honestly spend hours in the card section at Target. I may or may not have teared up in the Target card aisle a time or two in my life. What can I say..I am absolutely the most sentimental shmuck and I love Valentines Day!

I am sending Dave a sweet card and these in a cute little package. I hope he loves them because I heard they are amazing! I also think that +Harry's Razors make great gifts, as well as the tried and true staple...cologne. Another great gift for valentines day would be to head away for a fun weekend with your love and pack them a new duffle like this one!

I rounded up some cute things I automatically think of when it comes to Valentines Day...cute jammies, bubble bath, lipstick! But honestly when it comes to gifts that I love to receive on Valentines day it is not so much the material things...my absolute favorite thing to do is have an extra long dinner with Dave. A bottle of wine and even dessert so that we can talk for hours.