Friday, July 29, 2016

Exciting News!

Skirt // Top // Lipstick: All Fire Up //

AH! Dave and I are engaged! 
It has been three weeks since it happened and I have just been on Cloud 9 ever since. I still find myself looking down at my ring to remind myself that this is really really finally happening! I cannot wait to marry this wonderful wonderful man!
The night was perfect in literally every single way, Dave created a magical night that I will  remember for the rest of my life. It started with me getting off the train in Chicago where I was meeting Dave for the weekend. I had to hurry (like 30 minutes hurry) to get ready to go out to dinner because we had to be at the marina by 8.... granted this is at 5pm. I told Dave we did not have to eat at 5:30 to be somewhere by 8 but he was fidgety and insistent so I dropped it. He told me he bought a booze cruise off Groupon and I totally believed him.
We went to dinner at one of our favorite Sushi Restaurants and just had the best dinner talking and laughing. When we finished dinner by 6:30 (ehemm...I knew 5:30 was too early..remember?!) so we decided to just walk around the city and stop at The River Roast for a glass of prosecco to buy some time. We finished our bubbly and hopped in a cab to the Marina. When we arrived I looked around at the boats and they were nothing but private yachts and sailboats...I was so confused. Where was our Booze Cruise? I saw one large boat with christmas lights dangly from nearly every looked a little dingy but I figured that was the only possible "Booze Cruise" boat in this marina. I asked Dave if we were getting on "that boat" and he said "uhm, No Cait" and steered me past several piers before reaching the one he was looking for. He typed in a code to access the peir and at this point I am just seven shades of confused. We get to the most beautiful boat..scratch that... yacht I have ever seen in  my life. We were greeted by Judge our captain for the evening. He and his wife showed us around the yacht and put our champagne down in the fridge to chill. The captain played along with Daves story and told me the other couples cancelled..that we were in luck, it would just be the two of us.
At this point I began to get suspicious but also really did not believe a proposal was coming this summer and I would not put it past Dave to plan the most romantic amazing date for absolutely no reason. We took off from the Marina and cruised around watching the sun set over Chicago. We then headed to Buckingham Fountain and dropped anchor. This is where Dave and I crawled to the top of the boat an continued to watch the sunset and drink our amazing sparkling rose!
Things get a little fuzzy from here because I was so excited happy thrilled I think I momentarily forgot to breathe.... Dave asked me to stand up and when I did he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife! I don't think I have ever experienced such crazy happiness in my life.
I'm one lucky girl and am so excited to spend the rest of my life with the person who truly makes me the best version of myself.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

White Lace Romper

White Lace Romper // Neutral Wedges (DV from Target not online similar here) // White Clutch (Similar and to DIE for) // Red Lipstick; Le Rouge // Cluster Stud Earrings

There is always that one piece that you fall in love with every single season. This has got to be the item for my summer wardrobe....I would wear it out every single weekend if I could! I love the eyelash lace, the contrast of the lace with the lining and I love the wrap front!! It would be such a fun outfit for a bachelorette party!