Friday, August 21, 2020

Family Photo Inspo

  There are several things I have learned over the years in regards to getting ready to have photos taken. These are the things that make me feel my best before taking photos:

SELF TANNER: I always put on some sort of self tanner the night before, this makes SUCH a difference to me. I am obsessed with these drops that I mix with my good old Jergens moisturizer. The medium is my favorite for the most natural glow, but I have also used the dark and have been happy with the results. I use this self tanner on my face and absolutely love it too, I use it three times a week!! Just make sure you really wash in-between your fingers or you will be stained!  FYII; Before I used these drops I was a die-hard Jergens Natural Glow self tanner girl...this option is much more budget friendly!

PAINT YOUR NAILS: I also always paint my nails because it just makes me feel put together, I swear by this top coat to make sure my nails don't chip before the photos! 

BLOW IT OUT: The other game changer for me has been this hair dryer! I usually just let my hair air dry but I always always use this hair drying brush before an event because it makes my hair so smooth and adds so much volume. 

BAT THOSE LASHES: The last thing I have found to make a big difference in photos is wearing false eyelashes. If you put them on and feel like you feel crazy or unnatural...its ok I have TOTALLY felt like that too but I promise that they look so great in photos!! These are my absolute favorites.

GET ORGANIZED: My last tip to you is to be organized...especially if you are doing a family photo shoot and need a lot of different outfits. I always lay out the pieces on my bed and see how all the colors look together. I personally think that solids are the best foundation to start with for photos and mixing in only one to two prints that are not too busy. See below for some inspiration!  Everything is linked at the very bottom!

Gingham Smocked Dress // Black Short Sleeved Henley (mens) // Chambray Button Down // Girls Cream Short Romper // Baby Cream Romper // Baby Boy Chambray Romper (JANIE&JACK)  // Toddler Boy Henley // Toddler Boy Shorts 

For an end of summer photoshoot in a sunflower field I was really inspired by this black and white gingham dress and then planned all the other pieces around it. I didn't want the black and white to be super harsh so I softened the overall look with cream and some soft chambray! I added a red lip to my look for a pop of contrasting color with the yellow sunflowers!

Gray Off Shoulder Sweater // Denim // Floral Maxi Dress (OBSESSED) // Mens Olive Crew // Mens Jeans // Girls Navy Dress // Girls Olive Floral Dress // Toddler Gingham Dress // Toddler Navy Bell Sleeve Dress // Baby Boy Striped Tee // Baby Boy Gray Henley // Baby Boy Olive Pants // Baby Boy Vans // Baby Girl Onesie // Baby girl knee high socks 

Olive and navy is another color combination that I love for fall photos! I really like this particular color combo balanced out with a light gray...make sure you have enough of the gray (or cream if you like that better) to make sure your photos are not dominated by the dark navy or olive. This mens crew neck is from AMAZON!! I bought it for Dave and he wears it all the time, it looks really nice on and I think the color would be great for fall photos. 


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