Thursday, July 19, 2018


I wanted to put together a post now that I am almost completely through my pregnancy and officaly considered FULL TERM!!

I had my 37 week appointment on Monday and am 1cm dialted which means my body is getting ready for baby girl! I am so amazed at what the human body is capable of.

This post is complete with how I have been feeling but also the essentials I used all through my pregnancy!! I am sharing my favorite products, clothing and baby products I have received so far.
*Please note I am just sharing what worked for me during this pregnancy, everyone is different and should do what works for them!

PRE-PREGNANCY: Two months before I got pregnant I started taking prenatal vitamins, I had read it is best to start these before you are even that is just what I did! I loved Rainbow Light and also added a DHA supplement which I read helps with baby's brain and eye development! 

ORGANIZATION: The amount of Doctor appointments I had on the schedule all of a sudden was just to keep it all organized I used this planner from Gallery Leather Maine. I am obsessed that I can just see a month at a time, I plan to get another for next year! They do also make a weekly version if that is more your thing!

STRETCH MARKS: My husband jokes that I have been glistening throughout this entire pregnancy because of all the lotions and oils (he calls them potions) I have been using. I wanted to try to avoid stretch marks and these are the products that worked best for me.

My favorite was Bio-Oil!! This was amazing and I used it like crazy! It dries super fast and does not leave you feeling greasy. It can be found in the first aid section at Target by neosporin and those types of things!! I also used this Palmers lotion and really liked that as well!

THE CLOTHES!!! This was a fun part of this journey because I loved discovering new brands and item types that I liked. I was able to wear a lot of my regular clothes up to 12 weeks but one of the first items I needed were maternity jeans!!

These were some of my personal favorites. I bought a variety of under the bump and over the bump styles. The under the bump were comfortable during the first two trimesters and I personally loved them because I like to "front tuck" my shirts. The over the bump were so comfortable once the bump started getting bigger. I tried to keep all pants I bought under $50 because I knew I would be wearing them for a pretty short period of time.

Dresses have been a lifesaver to me during the hot summer months and I have found SO many that I absolutely love!! Pink Blush is a super cute maternity brand and I have gotten several cute dresses from the. I feel that some of the tops still run big even in there smallest size so I have only really been able to order dresses form them.  I loved this wrap dress and wore this maxi for a baby shower I had!
ASOS also has really great maternity section. I have loveee this dress below!

DRESS Only $29 (It comes in non maternity here!!)  // BELT // SHOES (SIMILAR) 

I bought the below Pajamas to wear in the hospital. They are part of the Nordstrom sale and such a good deal! I bought them in pink but once I received them in the mail I was so obsessed with how soft they were that I also ordered them in blue! Now I cannot decide which to wear in the hospital!! I will do a whole review on what I packed in my Hospital bag once baby girl is here!


-Snoogle Pillow: I held off for as long as possible on getting one of these pillows simply because we live in a condo in the city and have limited storage. I didn't want to have a bunch of stuff to have to get rid of after pregnancy....that being said. THIS WAS SUCH A GAME CHANGER. I have slept so well with this pillow and literally have brought it with on every trip I have taken because I cannot live without it.
-This water jug- its so much easier to me to up my water intake if I have straw and this holds 32oz! This was SO essential for a summer pregnancy. I bought mine in Blush Pink!
-Baby Name Announcement: I saw a fellow blogger Amber Fillerup use a hello my name is sticker to announce the name of her baby girl and loved the idea so much I had to get one as well!
Baby Book: I bought this cute one to put her first foot prints and pictures in. It can be used for the first five years and doesnthave TOO much stuff to fill in...this was crucial for me because I wasn't sure I would want to spend hours and hours filling out the information!

I have read quite a few books during my pregnancy but these have been my favorites!!

What to Expect when you're expecting: Dave reads this to me every week...We both really look forward to learning what the changes will be that week and I think its been a great way for him to learn things that I might already know from my sister or my own research.

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child: I read this book because it was recommended by so many people. It also happened that the Dr./Authors son is our Pediatrician and he will be recommending many of these sleep techniques so I wanted to be educated on the method.

Brining up Bebe: I loved this! I listened to this as an audiobook on my long commutes home and it felt more like a book than educational reading. This was about an American Mother raising her babies in Paris and how she realized that French mothers seemed to be better at setting limits and teaching their children the important skill of being able to wait.


Thursday, July 12, 2018



This is a sale that I have looked forward to since high school. It was a tradition for my mom to shop for back to school clothes and we always had so much fun!!

I use this sale as a great time to stock up on fall basics that I will wear constantly. That means cozy sweaters and tons of booties!!

See my sweaters and tops below. I have already noticed things selling out and it's only day one!!


Shoes and Accessories. This is seriously the best time to get new shoes for fall....these hardly ever go on sale again. I purchased all four pairs below and will be completely set for a fall shoe wardrobe!!

Necklace // Earrings (THESE ARE $11)  // Necklace // Scarf