Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Moto Dress

Dress // Heels // Purse (similar) // Lipstick: Hot 305 // Sunglasses // Ear Cuff: H&M not online (yet...)

Hey guys, writing this on my flight home from DC. Dave and I had four days together which is CRAZY for us. We usually visit Dave's dad in Arizona over Dave's law school sprig break in March where we have a week together but other than that...our long distance relationship usually allows for two days together at the most. We made a decision when we decided to dive into the long distance thing that we wouldn't count the weekends but we would make the weekends count. We have an adventure every single moment we can, romantic dinners, plenty of movies and now most recently exploring a new city. 

I loved DC! I hated the heat. Oh my goodness. 90's with 90% humidity almost everyday!!! That made walking around super difficult. Also (full disclosure) I get super crabby when I'm hot. Dave will attest to this! Ha! Literally my forehead was pouring sweat in these pics...not fun. But so worth it because everywhere you go there is something new, historical or beautiful!  

I absolutely adore this black moto dress, and it will transition into fall and winter so perfectly, I wore it with open toe sandals for now but can totally incision this with tights booties and a deep red lip!