Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thanksgiving outfit ideas

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I love any reason for my family to get together, but I especially love Thanksgiving because it involves so much delicious food! I have a large family; Parents + Three siblings + significant others  + two adorable little nieces (that are my entire world) = A FULL HOUSE. On holidays every bedroom in the house is filled and we definitely utilize air matresses as well!  I love being surrounded by the people I love the most. Forget sleeping in, there is no chance of that with this many people in a house! I can't wait to see each and every one of them in just one week!! We soak up every minute of being with each other, we play card games, drink delicious wine and cocktails and watch ELF on Black Friday. One year we played croquet in the snow! Oh now I am way too excited...ONE WEEK!  I started to think about what I would wear, and these options are all cute and casual options for spending the day with your family. Do any of you have fun Thanksgiving Traditions?
 I want to hear!


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