Thursday, August 13, 2015

Six Lipsticks every girl should own

From top left to bottom right; 
MAC Ruby Woo // YSL Rose InTime // MAC Pink Nouveau // MAC Impassioned 
// Cover Girl Hot 305 // YSL Le Fuchsia

I am an absolute lipstick junkie. I love the power lipstick has over your look, how it can brighten your complexion and add an entirely new element to your look. It is my absolute favorite accessory and one I rarely go a day without wearing. 

The Classic color every girl should own;
I live for a classic red lip. I would wear it everyday and even to the gym if I could. I'm obsessed. I have two favorite reds at very different price points. I love my +MAC Cosmetics Ruby woo for a matte finish, the color is bold and you get a retro look that stays in place. What I don't like about matte lipsticks in general is that they do not glide on, it doesn't feel great to run this lipstick over your lips. BUT we do it for the look. My favorite and only drug store lipstick I have ever fallen for is this +COVERGIRL red, I own three tubes because I can never be without it. It is the perfect red for my skin tone, looks great with blue eyes and I swear it makes my teeth look pearly white. 

 The Fun color every girl should own;
 For a bright party look I absolutely love Mac Impassioned, its a bright coral that is an instant mood lifter. I wear this most weekends!

 The Girly Color every girl should own;
MACS Pink Nouveau is pretty close to Barbie Pink and looks amazing with a smokey eye. This is a basic pink you should have in your collection

The Bold Color every girl should own;
A bold lip is all the rage right now and everyone should try it. Le Fuchsia is a super bright and bold pink and I personally love the formula of +Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks. They are so smooth, moisturizing and SUPER pigmented.

 The Carefree color every girl should own;
I am so so so crazy about this lipcolor. It reminds me of a balm, gloss, lipstick in one. It is not that long lasting but is super easy to reapply. No mirror needed. I always have this color in my bag because it is easy to throw on while out and about running errands. The best part is the taste/smell of this one.....Its OH so amazing!


If I am missing any seriously holla at yo girl! I always always always want to hear about new lipsticks!

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