Thursday, July 30, 2015

Plaid Shirt & White Distressed

Its THURSDAY! this week has just flown by for me. I have been enjoying moving into my apartment, spending time with my new roomie and exploring our new neighborhood. We got ice cream at Purple Door last night and it was amazing!! My roomie can't have diary but they had a chocolate sorbet that was like straight fudge…delicious. There are so many fun places we have been discovering, mainly restaurants and wine bars that have peaked my interest! 
I am heading to Chicago this weekend for one last trip before Dave moves to Washington DC.

I don't think I had announced it on the blog yet but Dave has decided to transfer schools. Georgetown is an amazing school and he will get to put that big brain to even better use. I am SO crazy proud of him. We also will get to explore a new city together, new restauants, so many new museums…just a new lifestyle! I will still be living and working in Milwaukee and fly out to DC monthly to spend time with my love. Thank you Southwest for the direct flight to DC! I named this blog Love Your Fate because it was a quote that always just resonated with me. I have decided to embrace everything this life is throwing at me, and not just embrace it but whole heartedly diving in and seeing the good in each situation. DC will be a longer distance for us but that is the only hurdle to jump….because at the end of the track I see an adventure and there is nobody else on this earth I would rather do it with!


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