Friday, February 20, 2015

24 Thoughts

It's my birthday! Todays post is a little more personal but I thought today would be a good time to share some things that have been crucial to me in my 24 years on earth.

1. Learn from past relationships. 
I'm convinced you have to have one not so great relationship to truly appreciate and recognize a good one. 

2. Nurture the good ones.
When you find a person you need in your life nurture the relationship and never take it for granted. 

3. Find the perfect red lipstick

4. Be compassionate. 
There are far too many harsh people in this world, be one of the good ones (there are a lot of them too). Care about people, love them.

5. Its okay to grow apart from friends, you can't force friendships. 
I don't care if you have ten years of history with someone, if they don't treat you right, respect you, or if you have both simply changed, it's okay to show them the door.

6. You don't have to have your life planned out. 
 Live in the moment, have goals but be okay with change.

7. Buy the plane ticket. 
College ends and your friends get scattered across the world. Make an effort to see them. At least make the phone call. 

8. Never Stop learning. 
If you think about it most people probably stop learning in their twenties. I never want to stop learning and there is so much out there! Read books, listen to podcasts...whatever it is that fits your fancy but never stop growing that brain. 

9. Travel. 
There are few things I can think of that offer such an opportunity to learn and grow. Learn about the people, eat their food and embrace their way of life.

10. Exercise is a necessity. 
Take care of your body, its the only one you've got.

11. Respect yourself.
 Know what you deserve. You dictate how people are going to treat you so make sure you know your worth. 

12. Don't rush into living with a significant other. 
Live with your girlfriends now, this is your YOU time. You will have the rest of your life to live with a significant other. You will always always need girlfriends.
Plus, your girlfriends can offer you a whole closet of clothes. 

13. Laugh, be happy.
You can't buy happiness so get out there and seek it out. You are capable of being happy. Just be.

14. Family is the most important thing in life. 
Invest your time in these people.

15. Cook for yourself.
It's important to know what you are eating.

16. Listen
You can learn something from everyone you meet.

17.  Never quit your daydream
Never take no for an answer and chase that goal until it's accomplished.

18. Celebrate today.
 Don't save that champagne for a special occasion, today is special, you are special. Drink champagne with pizza tonight. A champagne pop is one of the more magical sounds in the world.

19. Never underestimate the healing power of a child's laughter.

20.  Get up and get dressed everyday. 
You will always feel better if you take a little time to get ready for the day.  

21. Jealousy isn't becoming on anyone

22. Honesty truly is the best policy. 
Be honest in everything you do, with yourself, and in your relationships. White lies will creep up on you. Getting in a habit of, or becoming comfortable with telling a lie is very slippery slope. 
Don't go there. 

23. Don't dwell on the past
What's done is done. Get busy living this wonderful life.

24. Love Your Fate
...which is in fact your life.


*photo found on Pinterest