Thursday, August 6, 2020

Nordstrom Sale 2020

Top Row: 1. 2. 3. 4 

Denim: 1. 2. 3

Boots // Mules // Gold Hoops // Pajamas ($39 during sale! $65 after) // Bra

This year I focused my Nordstrom Sale post on Items that I love based on past purchases or and items that really help to build your wardrobe and will remain staples there! I personally think that the Nordstrom Sale is a great time to buy items that rarely go on more expensive denim brands, Fall shoes, and outerwear! Of course these are also the items that sell out the quickest so you need to be ready!!!
I added two pairs of black denim to my list above because I wear them so often in fall! The made well pair are such a good fit and in my experience have minimal fading when cared for properly. 

There are also all my other picks at the very bottom of this post!!! 

The Patagonia jacket is going to go might be gone by the time you read this but I am really hoping to get one this year!! 

The boots I have shown above are a personal favorite of mine, the updated point this year is AMAZE and you will reach for these all the time!!! I wear mine fall and spring and they are absolutely worth every single penny!

My favorite jammies of all time now come in a pink and white stripe...if you are having a baby girl please buy these and wear them in the hospital for me!!!!! SO CUTE! I have worn these jammies in the hospital with both of my babies and reach for them more often than any others. 

The Nordstrom Sale always holds some good baby finds....things that will absolutely not go on sale at any other time (in my experience). The Uppababy stroller is what we have and use with two babies as a double stroller right now...we LOVE it and this is a great deal on one of their prettiest colors! We also use this Nuna Carseat with Lila and are really happy with it...I paid full price so this is awesome for anyone who is looking for a convertible car seat! 
The Little Giraffe blanket is the softest thing ever and I am so happy I purchased it in white with my first baby! Now I use it with our baby boy and it is just as soft as when I bought it. The quality is great and it washes up amazing. 
The Comotomo bottles are another thing that will never go on sale get both sizes with this deal and I would absolutely recommend this!

May the odds ever be in your favor!! Happy Shopping Friends!


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