Monday, January 19, 2015

Warby Parker Home Try On

So I need new really really need new glasses. The pair I currently wear accidentally got too close to my curling iron, and so now one side is super warped and melted. Sad :( 
When I go to my eye doctor I feel pressured to make a decision on a pair of glasses right away....not good for little miss indecisive over here. That is why I decided to try Warby Parker's Home try-on shabang. You get to select FIVE different frames and try them all on for the week.... A WHOLE WEEK!!! yippee! Go to and select a frame you want and add it to your cart as part of the home ty-on! They send you a box of five frames and a prepaid shipping label for you to send them back when you are done.
easy peasy lemon squeezey
 Now my week is up and little miss indecisive still can't choose which she likes the most. HELP!!! Any of you glasses wearing friends should seriously try this...most frames start at $95 which is awesome for prescription lenses...especially ones as trendy and fun as these. I selected a ton in this violet magnolia color because I am obsessed with it, its like a normal tortoise but when the light hits it you see flecks of violet which is pretty cool I think. 

Please let me know which ones you guys like, I need all the input I can get!



  1. It’s nice that they let you try out 5 different frames for a week, so you could decide which is best from first-hand experience. Anyway, what did you end up choosing? Personally, I would’ve gone with Linwood. It seems to have the smallest frame among the five, but not too small to the point of being narrow. Thanks for sharing this with us, Cait! Cheers!

    Doris Gibbs @ Moody Eyes

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