Thursday, January 29, 2015

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him & Her!

For Him; 
1. Cologne // 2. Watch // 3. New Pants // 4. Sunglasses // 5. Watch Box // 6. Whiskey Decanter // 7. Fun Socks

For Her;
8. Ring  // 9. Candle // 10. Portable Phone Charger // 11.Phone Case // 12. Perfume // 

I love Valentines Day because I LOVE LOVE!
 Here are some cute ideas for any type of budget, big gifts or small gifts, gifts just to say "I love you". I put in some Valentines day staples like jewelry & perfume, cologne for the guys, but I also added some different fun little gifts that I think are SUPER cute.
Any men reading this...REMINDER: Valentines day is FEBRUARY 14th...which is in two weeks! :)


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