Welcome to Love Your Fate!

I’m Cait and I am fashion blogger, style savvy midwestern girl. I share photos to express my love for creating that perfect outfit for every occasion, and to offer inspiration when you just do not know what to wear! You will soon find out that I find a lot of my wardrobe on sale, but I do like to invest in classic items or items I will wear for more than one season!

 I graduated from The University of Iowa where I was an Alpha Phi for four years. AOE!

I live day by day with this quote in mind 
" Amor Fati, Love your fate, which is in fact your life"  Fredrich Nietzsche.
You never know what unexpected challenging life events will end up being the most life changing wonderful experiences. 
Its important to live in the moment and experience all this wonderful life has to offer...
all while being dressed impeccably. 


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